The Community of God, Week 2


8 Week Series | Sunday October 14 – Sunday December 2

The Community of God – Outline of Chapters

•  WK 1 – Chapters 1-3

•  WK 2 – Chapters 4-7

•  WK 3 – Chapters 8

•  WK 4 – Chapters 9-10

•  WK 5 – Chapters 11-12

•  WK 6 – Chapters 13-14

•  WK 7 – Chapters 15

•  WK 8 – Chapters 16-18

WK 2 – Chapters 4-7 Discussion Questions

1.  Why did God place a forbidden tree in the garden of Eden?

2.  Why did Adam and Eve eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?

3.  What are the ways you try to seize control and power over your own life?

4.  What does sin do to relationships?

5.  What is the difference between the language of a healthy marriage and an unhealthy marriage? How does this apply to other relationships?

6.  What does Cain’s behavior show us about the connection between our relationship with God and our relationship with those entrusted to our care

7.  Why is a partisan spirit so divisive in a community?

8.  What are some ways God frustrated the fruitfulness of humans?

9.  Why were the people of Babel dangerous? Why did God need to frustrate their ability to work together?

10.  Why is it important to realize that depravity is different from powerlessness?

11.  Are you fully yielding your created capability or capacity to God? If not, what talents or gifting does God want you to yield more fully to him?


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