The Community of God, Week 8

8 Week Series | Sunday October 14 – Sunday December 2

The Community of God series | Week 8 discussion questions covering chapters 16-18 | Audio of Pastor Doug Bursch’s message focusing on chpt 16 of the book |

The Community of God – Outline of Chapters
  •  WK 1 – Chapters 1-3
  •  WK 2 – Chapters 4-7
  •  WK 3 – Chapters 8
  •  WK 4 – Chapters 9-10
  •  WK 5 – Chapters 11-12
  •  WK 6 – Chapters 13-14
  •  WK 7 – Chapters 15
  •  WK 8 – Chapters 16-18

WK 8 – Chapters 16-18 Discussion Questions
  1. How does abuse affect some individuals’ ability to abide in community?
  2. What is dissociative behavior and why is it important to be aware of this issue in the church?
  3. How does spiritual abuse impact a person’s ability to trust the church or church leaders?
  4. What should be done to help build trust with individuals who have experienced spiritual abuse?
  5. Explain how Jesus went to the cross to identify with the sinned-against.
  6. What are some powerful ways social media builds strong Christian community connections?
  7. What are some key limitations of social media in building strong Christian communities.
  8. What are some positive ways you use social media to build meaningful, healthy, Christian community?
  9. What is the most challenging aspect of community for you?
  10. What is the most exciting or hopeful aspect of community for you?
  11. What are the biggest take-aways from reading this book?
  12. How has this book helped you grow in your understanding of the importance of community and the church?

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