Dan Behrens, Co Pastor, EFC

Poem I wrote over a year ago. Still tinkering with it, playing around with different ideas and images, inspired by different things I’m interacting with. Even what little the prophet Isaiah speaks of Bethlehem specifically, there is within him something deeper, something beyond Zion of Jerusalem. In fact, all of our old testament seems to love a thing that is initially unlovable. Seems oddly Christ-like to me. The Christ life is to love a thing before and until itself becomes more and more lovely and lovable than anyone could ever imagine. It is a tremendous fight. And not that I have attained this, but here I place the roots of it in Bethlehem.



City of David

Ephrath of old

Village among the cliffs

Your lamp has not gone out.


You keep the bones of Rachel

You birth the sons of Jesse

You feed the lambs of sinners

Your carved crags shelter shepherds.


Oh house of bread

Seal up your earthen doors

Herod’s horses  Herod’s swords

Hide your infants in dank dark caves.

Oh Bethlehem Bethlehem

Your lamp has not gone out

Feed us all the prophet’s song—

“unto you is born this day”

Feed us all the prophet’s song.


Wherein the road does end

Herein your womb is moved

Your fields have all laid down

Your shepherds bring us in.

Oh Bethlehem

The angels softly sing

A lamb is born in Bethlehem

What hope is raised in Bethlehem

Village among the cliffs.



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