Weekly Announcements: May 19 – May 24

Evergreen Church

As you well know, each week I reach out to the church over video and posted announcement. This serves two primary goals:  1.) to connect with all of you and let you know where I’m at this week;  2.) to bring us all up to speed on a few things I’d like you to be mindful of or prayerful about during these days. Clearly, I am well behind in getting this out. I apologize. This week has held some difficult challenges for me. That said, here are a few things I’d like to get before you this evening.

Pastor(s) Doug and Jennifer continue to team-teach through the book of Philippians during our Wednesday evening service. What they share about “focusing on Christ the source” is crucial during this time. If you did not get a chance to catch their teaching, I encourage you to revisit last night’s service. You can find our Wednesday evening service posted up on Evergreen Foursquare Church YouTube.

In the way of update, I spoke with our dear brother in Christ, Jorge Rios-Brennan, this evening. As I am sure most of you know, Jorge has been severely burdened for many weeks now with a herniated disc in his back with incredible associated pain working down his left side/ left leg. How he’s been able to manage is a miracle and a horrendous trial at the same time. Today, Jorge and Shana met with a surgeon to talk about a schedule for surgery, benefits and relief, complications and followups — a path moving forward and a possible timeline. Additionally, Shana, has been in contact with a number of you personally and has been diligent in updating the church via Facebook. All this to say, please continue to pray, support, and love our dear friends Jorge, Shana, Wyoming and Natsu.

Also in the way of update, praise God for you who have been asking about and praying for my dad. My dad was diagnosed with advanced stage 4 cancer back in February. From February till now, he has been undergoing bi-weekly treatment and continues to be monitored. After 8 weeks, Dad did receive incredibly encouraging news today; his current treatment path is showing positive trends. Moms says that he is not experiencing nearly the pain in his core; his energy level has increased some; his fatigue level has improved. Our family is taking this as a huge win! Thank you for your prayers.

Lastly, please note that our Sunday morning service streams on YouTube and  Facebook at 10 A.M. Our Wednesday evening service streams on YouTube and Facebook at 7 P.M. Be sure to check out Evergreen Foursquare Church YouTube channel to find a previous service you might’ve missed or some of the other devotional content posted there.

Pastor Dan Behrens, Tuesday May 21st, 2020

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