Weekly Announcements: June 25 – June 28

Evergreen Church

Things to note as we head into the weekend:

First, if you did not catch last night’s Wednesday evening service series kickoff “Holy Spirit Living” you can view here: https://youtu.be/lZc3FXs880M. I urge you to do so! Pastors Doug and Jen Bursch examine Holy Spirit living from a fresh perspective. An excellent teaching on how we might think differently about the role of the Holy Spirit and how the presence of the Spirit can help inform the way we live.

Second, I’d like for us to continue to pray for one another in the church. Many of us greatly struggle in different ways—physically, emotionally, spiritually, how to take healthy next steps, how to make thoughtful decisions, what to do about schedule and work and summer in the midst of COVID pandemic. In whatever way, to whatever degree, continue to pray, connect, encourage, and build up the relationships you have in your care.

Third, at this time there is still no further update with Junior Achievement (JA Program facility where we met for service in February-March). I do periodically check in with the staff there as a way of our church caring for them. But at this time they are working a process of exploring what next steps they should take as state and local guidelines and restrictions change or ease. We are to be patient and grateful with the Lord’s timing in all these things.

Lastly, please note that our Sunday morning service streams on YouTube and  Facebook at 10 A.M. Our Wednesday evening service streams on YouTube and Facebook at 7 P.M. Be sure to check out Evergreen Foursquare Church YouTube channel to find a previous service you might’ve missed or some of the other devotional content posted there.


Pastor Dan Behrens, Thursday June 24, 2020

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