Still Tearing Each Other Down

Even after all the privilege we’ve been afforded through a myriad of means, we are still tearing at each other. Tearing each other down. Tearing each other apart. Tearing at each other’s words, intentions, and motives. Even more, we’ve become incredibly comfortable doing so. And why not? One more layer of privilege not yet fully explored. We are hard to please!

Hard to please and dangerous when we think we know everything. Incredibly dangerous when we’re angry, exposed, hurt, and think we know everything. We are not wrong in knowing something. But we are less than right, even dangerous, in knowing for certain more than we ever really know. It is our “rightness” that is rags. And those rags the world is gagging on.

The world knows best this undeniable fact: someone dear to you and me is, at this very moment, up against things none of us could imagine—pains and torments of deep consequence. None of these need our advice so much as they need our compassion. This is something we can offer. It really is. In fact, it is our privilege to do so. Compassion will not put out every fire, solve every problem, or relieve every pain, but it is likely able to keep us from adding to an already great suffering.

If the Christian story shows the world (you, me, us) anything, it shows us how small and insignificant things, nearly hidden things, things we can almost hold in our hand like a seed, somehow germinate, sprout, mature and accomplish so much more than we could imagine, so much more than the power structures that preside in elegant rafters above. That is the story of miracle. Again, we are hard to please.


Pastor Dan Behrens, Monday July 6th, 2020

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