Set The Captive Free


“Set the captive free.” I’ve had this thought in my mind the last couple of days. It first came to me after reading the following verses near the end of Philippians—the apostle Paul’s closing remarks:

Give greetings to all the saints there in Christ Jesus. The brothers with me here send their greetings to you. And all the saints greet you, especially those who belong to the household of Caesar. And now may the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit”(Phil. 4:21:23).

What catches my attention is this: “especially those who belong to the household of Caesar”(v22). Caesar’s house represents the Roman guard who, whether on this occasion or some other, is responsible for Paul’s imprisonment and eventual execution. Yet somehow somewhere among the imperial ranks belief has taken hold. The power of the gospel of grace that is the kingdom of righteousness for both Jew and Gentile has infiltrated the hearts and minds of the opposition. The ministry of reconciliation has slipped through the prison bars undetected. A covert rescue mission is well underway and the real captives are being set free.

It would appear that the early church apostles believed “set the captive free” is an actual assignment, actually quite doable—possibly less “spiritual” than we first think and perhaps more “practical” than we’d like own up to. We no not for certain Paul’s method of ministry on this last leg of his race, but for us “set the captive free” may be as simple as a word, a comment, a card, a call, an apology, an encouragement, a favor, a deed, a prayer, an obedient service of no real benefit to you personally except that God has ordered you to do it.

See, here’s the deal. All around us and even in our own personal lives there are beautiful people all bound up, caged, and holding defensive posture. These may be persons of authority. They may persons under authority, receiving orders, or still searching for their place in life. Today, this week, or in the coming year, you just may be dropped into someone’s life like a secret spy on a rescue mission. You may be spotted, seized, and ushered into rooms you never could have imagined. But here you are. You are not the God of heaven and earth who establishes righteousness, but you are an ambassador with keys in hand. So quit stalling. Work the mission. Set the captive free. Reconcile that which is lost. To love your unlovable neighbor as yourself may require you slip love into the room. So be it. Tuck it up your sleeve. Bury it in your sock. Do whatever it takes to disarm the opposition. For although the eternal outcomes are up to God, we do know that Caesar’s household’s already been compromised.

Pastor Dan Behrens  [from 2016 blogpost]

“Breathe” – Women’s Retreat 2018

“Breathe” – Women’s Retreat 2018

March 16th – 18th  2018

I will put my breath in you that you may come to life. Then you will know that I am The Lord.

Ezekiel 37:6

More information soon coming

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21 Days of Prayer and Fasting in 2018

21 Days of Prayer & Fasting

Join the Foursquare Family for 21 Days of Prayer & Fasting in 2018

Today begins our 2018 prayer focus for The Foursquare Church. We have been “Transformed By Jesus,” and we look forward to all that He will do as we pray and fast through the first 21 days of the year. This year we hear from 21 global leaders who will share devotionals and prayer points, as well as share daily encouraging videos. Read more from our president… and join the Foursquare family over the next 21 days!

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2018 Bible Reading Plan

2018 Thematic Bible Reading Plan by Craig DesJardins

Every year Craig DesJardins provides a new Thematic Bible Reading Plan to share with the Fairly Spiritual fans and followers. Here is the 2018 edition. Feel free to use this plan and to share it with others. Please make sure you credit Craig DesJardins for all his hard work. Enjoy and God bless!

2018 Thematic Bible Reading Plan (click)

Christmas at EFC

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

Sunday December  •  24th 6:00 p.m.

Please join us here at Evergreen Church for a very special Christmas Eve Candlelight service. We gather for about 45mins, sing traditional Christmas carols, hear a message, and be encouraged in the grace of the Lord. Join us. Bring any family and friends along with you. Grace and Peace to you this holiday season. May the favor and blessing and joy of the Lord rest upon you.

Orphan Relief and Rescue 9th Annual Fundraiser Gala

You are cordially invited to an inspiring evening filled with stories of rescue, empowerment and hope for some of the most vulnerable children in West Africa. You won’t want to miss this event!

Saturday, October 21st

Cocktail Hour-live jazz, 6pm | Dinner & Entertainment, 7pm | Dancing-live music, 9pm

$75 per person, $130 per couple (Formal Attire)

Including: complimentary entry into the Museum of Flight the day of the event….

RSVP through your Table Host or purchase tickets online at:

Celebration Service – Sunday September 24

Coming Up the last Sunday of this month we want to celebrate what amazing things God has done in and through our church over the last year. Our whole service will be geared toward acknowledging the provision of the Lord. We will have a time of worship, a time of ministry from the word, and a time of highlighting the year’s incredibly gracious giving with our Year-End Finance Report. The service itself will still end at normal time, but thereafter we’ll all share a meal together. The service starts at 10 a.m. Meal will be provided immediately following the service. Join us Sunday September 24 for a day of praise and worship, gratitude and vision.

DEVO Journals – Available Now


Over the next three months (September, October, November) we’re inviting you to continue on with DEVO Journals and a fresh Daily Bible Reading Plan. Our Fall reading plan will cover the Old Testament book of Isaiah. Isaiah: minister of the reconciling work of coming Messiah! To help resource you in your Fall devotions, we have available for you your very own DEVO Journal Packet which includes a journal, a daily bible reading plan, and an excellent method for journaling called S.O.A.P. ― write  down a Scripture, note one Observation, commit to make some kind of personal Application, and Pray about how best to do that. The purpose of these devotionals is to unite, to provide opportunity for you and another person to meet together (as often as works best) and encourage each other over a common focus. Click here to download a pdf copy a PDF copy of the DEVO Journal Packet and Daily Bible Reading Plan.

Summer of Love – July Preaching Series


All of July we’ll be preaching through a series on LOVE — focusing on areas where we are loving, other areas where can grow in love, and why we are not growing in love in certain areas. Join us this July, Sunday mornings at 10 A.M. You can also follow regular updates on our facebook page or hear a message from our “Summer of Love” series on our sermon page.

Join us all of July  •  Sunday Mornings @10 A.M.

The Community of God…

The Community of God: A Theology of the Church From a Reluctant Pastor  •  by Doug Bursch

Available for purchase now!

Pastor, Speaker, Author Doug Bursch has released his new book: The Community of God: A Theology of the Church From a Reluctant Pastor and it’s available for purchase now. Visit Doug’s website: to purchase your very own signed copy and to hear Doug’s podcast series: The Fairly Spiritual Show.

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