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Weekend Announcements, July 26, 2020
First, our Sunday morning service streams on YouTube tomorrow @ 10 A.M. (click here to watch: You will find song lyrics to our worship set in the comment section of the video.
Second, be sure to connect with our midweek service streaming @ 7 P.M. on Wednesday evenings. Pastors Doug and Jennifer continue their teaching series on “Holy Spirit Living” with their most recent part 5 this last Wednesday. Doug and Jen do a great deal here to expand our understanding of spiritual gifts. (click here to watch:
Third, we are all grateful for the ongoing prayer covering for Bill and Jodi’s son Erin this week. Erin is coming home from Harborview hospital today which is excellent news. He still has a road of recovery ahead of him, but the whole family is grateful to be bringing him home and for all your love, support, and prayers this week.
Lastly, quite often I include in our announcement emails a gentle reminder that there are many unspoken and/or difficult-to-explain needs among our church family. Some of you are carrying emotional burdens that are difficult to put words to. Others are baring the burden of family or acquaintance outside the church and do not feel confident in how you can help. Still others are even now up against a fresh set anxieties that you don’t really want to talk about. I tell you I’m sorry. I tell you I wish I could grant immediate reprieve.   We read in the gospels how Jesus, who seeing the crowds “distressed and harassed, like sheep without a shepherd”, immediately felt compassion for them. Though Jesus knows full well “how much more the Father cares for his children”, He is still moved. We are readily aware that the wages of this world are more terrible in His eyes than in our own. What follows is how Jesus responds: He begins to teach the crowds the Good News of the Kingdom; and He enlists help from his disciples. That is: Jesus raises our focus upward toward heaven while also sharing his burden on earth with others. And here we see a glimpse of that larger, collective activity we call the Church taking shape. So again, let us all remember that there are needs of every kind throughout our church body that are hard to talk about, difficult to explain, held close to the heart, or even pushed aside for more immediate concerns. If we are moved at all, let us first be moved with compassion, lifting eyes and faces toward Heaven.
Grace and Peace
Pastor Dan Behrens

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